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Used Printing Machinery

Used Printing Machinery

2008 IBERICA  SR-144 II

2008 Used IBERICA SR-144 II #4373

Large format high productivity automatic diecutter for accurate diecutting whilst running a comprehensive range of materials. First installed in 2009 and only run approx 7,000 hrs. Complete with: non-stop feeder with auto setting, complement of inf..


1996 Used HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER 74 6 P3 L #4372

CPC1.04 Off Press Control with CP-Tronic Autoplate & Preset Alcolor Dampening Technotrans Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit Automatic Ink Roller, Blanket & Impression Cylinder Wash Acqueous Coating Unit Standard High Pile Delivery Powder Spray Unit

1994 Heidelberg Harris M600 B24

1994 Used Heidelberg Harris M600 B24 #4371

Cut off 578mm Web width 965mm Speed 50000 Copies/Hour Butler 5000 Splicer Model 5-4050-18 Heidelberg Harris Infeed QTI Web Guide (Infeed) 5 - Heidelberg M600 Printing Units QTI RGS V Register Control System GMI closed loop color system with scanne..


2005 Used HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER CD 74 10 P (C) #4370

CP2000 Off Press Controls Autoplate and Preset Alcolor Vario Dampening Technotrans Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit Technotrans Ink Line Automatic Ink Roller, Blanket & Impression Cylinder Wash Weko Hi End Powder Spray

2000 Manroland Manroland Lithoman IV

2000 Used Manroland Manroland Lithoman IV #4369

Cut off 620mm Web width 1905mm Speed 45000 Copies/Hour MEGTEC DLC 3200 Splicer 4 - Print Units Quad tech RGS IV Automatic Registration Oxy Dry Blanket Wash Hydrair infotech 3000 Ink Supply control Arcade chill water supply MEGTEC Web Catcher MEG..

1999 Man Roland  905 6W TLV RP

1999 Used Man Roland 905 6W TLV RP #4368

Non Stop Feeder and Delivery, Suction Feeder Table, RP - Reverse Print Unit, PPL - Power Plate Loading, RCI II with Job Card Reader, CCI, Pecom, Tresu Chamber Doctor Blade, Automatic Ink Roller & Blanket Wash, Roland Deltamatic Dampening, Weko Wekotr..

2003 Contiweb ECCO 75 - 1020

2003 Used Contiweb ECCO 75 - 1020 #4367

7 Metre Gas Oven with Integrated After Burner Refurbished and installed by Contiweb 2009

1999 MAN Lithoman IV

1999 Used MAN Lithoman IV #4365

Cut off 620mm Web width 1460mm Speed 42000 Copies/Hour Contiweb SH50 splicer 4 - MAN Lithoman IV printing units Baldwin blanket washing system Semi Automatic Plate Change/Loading QI IDS closed loop colour register system fitted 2010 QI MRC+ Automati..

2007 Wohlenberg Trim Tec 56

2007 Used Wohlenberg Trim Tec 56 #4363

Fully Automatic Machine, Infeed Unit, Belt Delivery. Specification: Mech. Speed (no-load operation) cycles/min 20-56 Sizes: max. untrimmed 310 x 410mm max. trimmed 300 x 380mm min. trimmed 90 x 145mm max. trimming height 100/125mm (125mm trimming..

2003 Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 400

2003 Used Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 400 #4362

32 x 48 cm Max untrimmed, 43,750,000 on book counter, 4 Station Stitcher, Equipped with: 1 x TAL top-loading feeder, 3 x TAS front-loading feeder, 1 x UFA400 cover feeder, 1 x ST400 stitching unit, 1 x TR400 3-knife trimmer, Busch waste-extraction sy..


2000 Used KOMORI LITHRONE 528 EM #4361

Max Sheet Size 520 x 720mm PQC Off Press Controls KMS SAPC Semi Automatic Plate Change Plate Cocking Komorimatic Dampening Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit Powder Spray Unit

1993 Heidelberg GTO FS 52+

1993 Used Heidelberg GTO FS 52+ #4360

Quick Action Plate Clamps CPC 1.02 Off Press Controls with CP-Tronic Alcolor dampening, Baldwin Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit Plus Version (Gearing for N&P) Powder Spray Unit IVT IR dryer

1999 Muller Martini Panda II

1999 Used Muller Martini Panda II #4358

Tensioning unit with handfeeding station, Gatherer 1571 with 16 station, Spiral Raceway, 9 clamps, Milling station, Hotmelt spine & side glue station with premelter for spine & side glue pot, Drum cover feeder, Waste removal system, Laydown device fo..

1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 4 P+

1998 Used Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 4 P+ #4357

Autoplate & Preset CPC 1-04 with CP Tronic Alcolor Dampening MGE Eco Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit Automatic Wash Up Devices, Ink Roller, Blanket & Impression Mdiprint Powder Spray Device

2005 Komori Lithrone NL 1028P

2005 Used Komori Lithrone NL 1028P #4356

Suction Tape Feeder Table APC - Automatic Plate Change PQC Off Press Controls PDC-S Colour Managment AMR Automatic Make Ready - Preset Automatic Ink Roller, Blanket & Impression Cylinder Wash KMS Komori Managment System CIP3 Connection Technotrans R..

1999 Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 6H

1999 Used Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 6H #4355

Six Colour Offset Printing Machine Equipped with CPC 1.04 Light Pen and Flash Card Memory CPTronic Alcolor with Technotrans Refrigeration and Recirculation Semi Automatic Plate Changing 15,000 Sheets Per Hour Machine Auto Roller Wash Auto Blanket Was..

1989 Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 F

1989 Used Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 F #4353

Five Colour Offset Press CPC 1.03 Off Press Controls with Flash Card Memory CPTronic 133,000,000 Impressions Alcolor Dampening with Baldwin Refrigeration and Recirculaion Quick action Plate Clamps Roller Wash Blanket Wash Graphic Exactomomat Powder ..

1997 Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 6P3H+L

1997 Used Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 6P3H+L #4352

Six Colour Offset Perfecting Press With Coater Model 74-6P3H+L (2/4 – 6/0 convertible perfecting) 113,000,000 Impressions CPC1.04 off-press controls CPTronic Alcolor dampening system Technotrans refrigeration and recirculation Autoplate Preset Chro..

1989 Heidelberg MOV H

1989 Used Heidelberg MOV H #4351

Straight 4 Colour Machine Maximum Sheet Size 480 x 650mm Circa 140 Million Impressions CPC 1.01 Off Press Controls Alcolor Dampening Baldwin Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit Stream Feeeder Superblues on Transfers High Pile Delivery Powder Spray Dev..

2009 Muller Martini Corona Compact CC12

2009 Used Muller Martini Corona Compact CC12 #4348

Gatherer 3695/24’’ with 15 stations with Asir III system and arrangement for loading by Streamfeeder 3738 on three basements, 6 x second-hand Streamfeeders 3738 (KA 605151 – year 2002), Transfer elements with book-block feeder 3642, Corona Comp..

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